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The Day-to-Day World


Active involvements in a variety of interests form the basis of a lot of fun! I do a lot of photography, and you can see some of my work scattered on this home page, and in my photo gallery.

I have a live Drupal installation which I use for current courses I teach. As well, I have a couple of new Moodle installations I am playing with, but they are not active at this time. This one is developing as a proof of concept for a collaborative writing space for secondary social sciences, technology courses and similar content.

Pleasures and Delights

Arts and Culture

Here's some of the things I spend time doing for fun. I often have one or two surveys going on on my survey page.

The Yarmouth Lions Club is an organization I wholeheartedly support, and am involved in several of our local activities. As well, LCIF programs, especially the Leo Program, interest me greatly!

Genealogy is of interest to me as well, of course. I have researched a bit of my personal heritage, which I share on my genealogy page.

Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!
~Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!

Imagine that!

This space will forever be under construction.